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Our ultimate goal is to build a long term blockchain. To have fans who will help a fun team reach that buzzirk goal that was set years ago ! Thanks.

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​OPeS, OS, BLOCKCHAINS peer to peer MINE OS m2 coming global


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Block one and eosio attracted world class investors like Peter Thiel, Louis Bacon, Alan Howard, Christian Angermayer, Mike Novogratz 

The bees.social group are launching very interesting projects in the blockchain crypto arena. M2 cash is a decentralized fairly launched token..Transaction fees will be 1 os.. Os can be mined via mobile,. Buzz2u opinion is this a brilliant project,. Not financial advise !

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​How are bees Social?
While not all bees are social, honey bees and bumble bees live in complex societies and are referred to as eusocial.

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Crypto is a very high risk industry, never risk more than your willing to lose....  Saying that-it looks like the internet is going to blockchain technology. We are members and crypto currency students. buzz2u  is following adoption !

​Show us a business where  CRYPTO mining agreements can potentially pay folks on mining results ! Amazingly,it also awardz folks #uniquefor"K" with a cryptocurrency. Then show us you are not sleeping.go here and Start now!

​Disclaimer. Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies (also called digital or virtual currencies, crypto assets, altcoins and so on) involves substantial risk of loss 

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​What is the OPES ID App?
OPES ID App is an extremely accurate, highly secure solution that allows you to verify yourself and share your value within the OPES Ecosystem with just a selfie. We use a revolutionary authentication system to make sure every user on OPES is a real person and unique, all without giving up your privacy.

OPES ID is the future of global identity verification. Registration is a quick, easy, intuitive process, and ongoing verification is only a selfie away. You can say goodbye to the headaches, no more usernames or passwords to remember a selfie will do the trick.

We believe that one day, all assets — physical and digital — will be represented on a blockchain.

Today, managing digital assets is too complicated and insecure for most people. Welcome to the OPES ID wallet. It's a radically new approach to digital assets management that requires no passwords just a selfie, no specialized hardware only a mobile and selfie, and no complicated account recovery schemes just a selfie. In addition to the convenience, we've completely removed the single point of failure that plagues the industry today — with OPES ID wallet, there is no private key to worry about. OPES cannot access your assets, and all the transactions happen directly on the OPES blockchain.

With OPES ID only, you control your funds. Simply use a Selfie to transact digital assets with anyone in the world. Currently, we support PE and plan to support many more digital assets soon.

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 Road to M2| March xth, 2021 

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Buzz2u.com .. we have several  years in the internet marketing arena.We watch social media for blockchain news,. Piyak.com coming at the speed  of piyak... The bitcoin show is below...

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