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Social media is a vital marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. 

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On January 29, 2021 BEES SOCIAL was launched. Bees Social was created to revolutionize the way companies take their ideas public. Bees.Social is a neutral platform where all are welcome to come and learn about new projects from the founders themselves. The door will be open for individuals or groups of people. 

Just imagine the Swarm will be like a Venture Capitalists Firm on steroids of real everyday people around the world. The Swarm will dictate what project they would like to see and are interested in. The Companies will get a real feel of the market that is receptive to their concept. 

   What is Venture capital (VC)?  Venture capitalists invest in infant companies in exchange for an ownership in the company. Before Bees Social this opportunity was open just for a select few. It will not matter where an individual takes part of the Swarm whether an individual is in New York City USA or in Lagos Nigeria.

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The dream has been to make a affiliate biz so dynamic the replication stuns the world!

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