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El rango y la acción es el sistema de clasificación que los grupos de marketing utilizan para probar anuncios, crear conciencia, y entregar aplicaciones móviles. Únete al equipo para ganar puntos por votar a favor de sus aplicaciones móviles favoritas y compartir sus puntos de vista sobre las técnicas de marketing. 

Construir su propio equipo de Rango y Compartir y ganar no sólo cuando su activo, sino también cuando su equipo está activo! Unirse a la diversión @ Red de afiliación Divvee Social!

Divvee is bringing this amazing opp to all affiliates – Rank and Share!  This brand new program begins beta testing now with  existing a­ffiliates before the program goes worldwide January 2017!
This cool, easy, never done before Rank & Share Program gives all Divvee affiliates and free customers a way to earn reward points by simply taking a few minutes a day to rank the hottest new mobile apps just being released to the public, and then share their favorite one at least once a week.  Rank and Share is quick, simple and very, very lucrative!
Divvee Rewards, another genius best of its kind program, allows participants to redeem points for incredibly cool items ranging from exotic, world class 5-Star Vacations to the latest & greatest state-of-the-art Home Electronics, Mobile Devices, Gift Cards, and much, much more!
What You & Your Team Need to Do –
Step 1 – Login to your Divvee back o­ffice on your mobile phone, computer or device
Step 2 – Click on the Rank and Share button
Step 3 – A list of your daily app options will appear. Download each, review and then rank them 1-5 stars
Step 4 – Share the ones you like through the various social media platforms just once a week
Step 5 – Get Reward Points!
Step 6 – Repeat daily to earn more points, and receive commissions from those that your team does.
How You Earn Rewards & Get Paid: Each Rank & Share download completed produces one (1) Divvee point and up to $0.25 cents.  You earn one (1) point for each Rank & Share that you personally complete, and up to $0.25 for each one on your team!
Example 1: 10 affiliates doing ten (10) Rank & Shares per day at $25 per day for 30 days = $750!
Example 2: 100 affiliates doing ten (10) Rank & Shares per day at $250 per day for 30 days = $7,500.  Wow!!
Enroll before November 30, 2016 to get 20 Rank & Shares per day through December 31, 2016!  Look at how this limited time offer would affect your earnings:
You earn one (1) point for each Rank & Share that you personally complete and up to $0.25 from each one on your team.
Example 1: 10 A­ffiliates doing (20) Rank & Shares per day = $50 per day for 30 days = $1,500!
 Example 2: 100 A­ffiliates doing (20) Rank & Shares per day = $500 per day for 30 days = $15,000!
Get paid down ten levels* – Big Money!

* See the compensation guide for details on unlocking levels
Divvee Rewards wants you to take the one you love and relax and party in Cancun Mexico.  An all-inclusive  5-Star Luxury Beach Front Hotel, Food & Drinks… Just 5000 Divvee Points! All-inclusive with airfare!
2000 Divvee points – All inclusive without airfare.
Use your Divvee reward points to receive $100 Gift Cards to some of your favorite restaurants and stores!
(Walmart, Amazon…!)
You can also redeem your Divvee points for smart phones loaded with all the latest technologies –
1500 Points earns an I-Phone or Galaxy 7
100 points gets you unlimited cell service with one of the BIG 4 carriers of your choice each month!
Coming in the future – Home Theater Systems, Harley Davidsons, Utah Ski Vacations, Home Kitchen Appliances, Las Vegas Shopping Spree… and more!
This Divvee Rank & Share program is designed to help each Divvee affi­liate earn reward points by simply ranking and sharing the daily featured mobile apps that have been delivered to them each morning through their back offi­ce. This gives the affiliate and/or customer a chance to download, review and rank them according to their liking. Divvee requires that each a­ffiliate or customer participating in the program share one of their favorite apps weekly to qualify them for their Divvee Reward points.
Every Divvee affi­liate that has invited other customers or affi­liates that participate in the team building structure (matrix) has the potential to earn up to $0.25 per Rank & Share paid on (10) levels ($0.25 per qualified level)
Each affiliate will be able to see their accumulated points in their back o­ffice as well as get special notifications and offers regarding certain Rank and Share promotions throughout the day.
Rank & Share Qualification Requirements
Each Divvee a­ffiliate must earn a minimum of 100 Divvee points each month to remain active and qualified to earn commissions.
Promo 1 – All the Divvee affiliates that have paid the $25 affiliate fee prior to Nov 1, 2016 will be grandfathered into the Divvee Pro Membership program from Jan 10th on without ever having to pay any annual fee again!
Promo 2 – All the Divvee affiliates that have paid the $25 a­ffiliate fee prior to Jan 10, 2017 will be grandfathered into the Divvee Pro Membership program and only pay the annual renewal fee of $25.
Promo 3 All Divvee affiliates that have paid the annual $25 a­ffiliate fee on or before Nov 30, 2016 will have the potential to Rank & Share (20) apps per day until Dec 31st 2016, after which they will go back to downloading up to 10 apps per day. All Club 1000 Members will continue to be able to Rank & Share 20 Apps per day for life and receive part of the $0.05 per download revenue share country wide plus participate in the quarterly bonus pool.
Promo Example #1 – If Debbie completes the Rank & Share program for (1) day, she will personally have the potential of earning (20) points per device. If she has (3) devices, she can earn up to 60 points per day. If Debbie has 5 affiliates on her team that participate as well, she could potentially earn $0.25 x 100 apps total = $25 for 1 day. (Remember, you don’t earn from your own downloads, only from those on your team. Your activity produces points for you only.)
Promo Example #2 – If Jimmy does the Rank & Share program for (20) days, he will have the potential of earning 400 points per device. Jimmy would then qualify for two (2) $100 Gift Cards or continue to save up his points for larger reward items.  If Jimmy has 100 affiliates that participate and each of them do (20) Rank & Shares a day, he would earn: 100 x 20 = 2000 x $0.25 = $500 each day x 20 days = $10,000 in commissions!
On January 10, 2017 the promotions end and the regular affiliate pricing will go to an annual $50 renewal.

Mobile Apps, Products, and Services are currently the worlds hottest industry and our opinion drives this mobile madness. Ranking is how we share our opinion.We download our Daily Apps, Products and Services. We try them out. We play and have fun!  Then it is time to Rank em... How many stars? Divvee tapp app is bringing the fun !Got yours ? Rank and share and make money and rewards global mobile social.

We share our opinion. Our opinion matters.We share mobile apps,products and services.

Divvee affiliates use social media to share .(Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram ) It is fun to share!   WE Rank and Share with .  Divvee rewards reps and free customers for each and every Mobile App, Product and Service we Rank and Share.  Divvee Rewards Rocks !!!!!!!