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On January 29, 2021 BEES SOCIAL was launched. Bees Social was created to revolutionize the way companies take their ideas public. Bees.Social is a neutral platform where all are welcome to come and learn about new projects from the founders themselves. The door will be open for individuals or groups of people. 

Just imagine the Swarm will be like a Venture Capitalists Firm on steroids of real everyday people around the world. The Swarm will dictate what project they would like to see and are interested in. The Companies will get a real feel of the market that is receptive to their concept. 

   What is Venture capital (VC)?  Venture capitalists invest in infant companies in exchange for an ownership in the company. Before Bees Social this opportunity was open just for a select few. It will not matter where an individual takes part of the Swarm whether an individual is in New York City USA or in Lagos Nigeria.

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Social media is a vital marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. 

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Bees.social cares about principles before profits, friendly place to go for crypto blockchain info

M2 miners will be responsible for bringing this digital currency into circulation; earning a seat at the table with access
to a method with which they will finally be able to participate in the financial ecosystem. Contrast this with Bitcoin;
which circulates very little, and is acquired from miners who can afford mining rigs that cost over 5x the Gross National
Income of the Low-Income Countries in which the majority of M2 miners will reside.
Bitcoin succeeded in becoming an independent, highly sought-after store of value, but it failed to deliver its vision of
a “purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash.” M2 empowers independent economies via PIM on mobile devices,
producing capital backed by the most valuable asset on the planet: human activity.

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Bees social review

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In this piece, we answer the biggest questions that have been posed to us with regards to the Seedz from Bees.Social.
It's Yieldable: How Do I Get Seedz?
Seeds can only be yielded from the network supply and placed in your Ethereum-based cryptocurrency wallet after you stake tokens in an Opes.Finance liquidity pool.
Currently, the tokens being accepted for staking are BPT and UNI-V2 tokens from the Balancer (link) and Uniswap (link) liquidity pools from Opes.Finance, respectively.
Here are the steps (at a high level) to obtain Seedz via Balancer
Acquire one (or more) wrapped PE (wPE) tokens on Uniswap’s exchange
Add your wPE single-asset liquidity into the Balancer pool linked above
Stake the liquidity pool token from Balancer (BPT) into the Opes.Finance Balancer smart contract.
Once that is complete, the contract will begin yielding Seedz from the network supply for your account. You should withdraw them when you need to use them
Here are the steps (at a high level) to obtain Seedz via Uniswap
Acquire one (or more) wrapped PE (wPE) tokens on Uniswap’s exchange
Have an equal amount of Ethereum available and supply that a 50–50 (50% Ethereum, 50% wPE) mix into a liquidity pool on Uniswap
Stake the liquidity pool token from Uniswap (UNI-V2) into the Opes.Finance Uniswap smart contract.
Once that is complete, the contract will begin yielding Seedz from the network supply for your account. You should withdraw them when you need to use them
Opes.Finance holds a detailed interactive zoom call on how to get you started. Click here to get signed up for that zoom call.
Is There an Unlimited Amount of Seedz?
No. Actually, the way that Seedz are generated is a result of the cumulative activity of people using the Opes.ID application. Every time an individual performs an activity — that can range from supporting a partner, clicking a confirmation, or tapping “next” in a lesson — their activity level generates more seeds for the week. When thousands and thousands of people are active in the Opes.ID application, the weekly Seedz will be allocated to you increases.
Think about it like this. Let’s say it was a slow week if the overall (global) activity level of everyone using the OpesID application generated 100,000 Seedz — if you had staked your BPT or UNI-V2 tokens in an Opes.Finance pool — you would earn your pro-rata share of that pie. However, if global activity generated 1,000,000 Seedz your same balance (BPT or UNI-V2) would earn 10x Seedz.
That is why it is critical to share the OpesID application with as many people as possible. Not only will they be able to earn OS — which will be used in other parts of our project — their activity will fund the “Seedz Bank” which will ultimately serve your best interests.
What Can I Do With Seedz?
When a promising cryptocurrency project presents itself to you via Bees.Social, you will have the option of staking some of your Seedz in that project.
Once you stake, a smart contract will begin yielding tokens from that project to your account. If that project goes well (or even semi-well), you will be able to exchange those tokens for a token you might find even more valuable on Uniswap, providing you with capital that you can either withdraw or reinvest.
A Seedz event is your opportunity to become a VC to the projects you love. Read more about how you would stake Seedz here.
How much are my Seedz Worth?
Your Seedz are calibrated relative to the project to which you decide you want to provide your Seedz. It sounds like circular logic but it's not — because the value is market-driven and dynamic. Lets drill into this further
When you see a project presented to you and decide that this project could really go somewhere so you will allocate and stake (for example only) 400 seedz in that project. Please see this piece on how projects are presented to Bees.Social members in the Whale Tank.
The project, based upon its internal calculation (remember it's an independent business) will decide how many tokens its smart contract will yield each week to the people who have staked Seedz.
Based upon your investment — in combination with the investment that others have made in this project — the contract will issue you your pro-rata share of those project tokens.
Independently, the market price of the projects’ tokens will be set on Uniswap (or the exchanges on which it trades). You will always have the opportunity to exchange your Seedz for other tokens on the Ethereum blockchain at the market rate (e.g. Ethereum, Tether, or wrapped PE).