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Been r dream for a business to make money and save money for customers,..

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 We are not a financial advisers and this is not financial advice. buzz2u.com /Fat Jerry team is a humble group with a great passion for all things block-chain. #everythingblockchain

​What rGlobal Mall is. It's a collection of stores and brands who we have made agreements with to pay rNetwork commissions for sales generated from rGlobal Mall links. We pay those commissions back to the network in the form of Rebates to the Purchaser, and Commissions to the Charter Members in the TBS according to the compensation plan. Phase 1 - Gateway to the brands. On-site deals. Rebates and Commissions earned. Phase 1.5 - Gateway to the brands. On-site deals. Rebates and Commissions earned. PLUS Exclusive offers. Phase 2 - Deeper relationships with our brand partners with exclusive pricing for rNetwork members. How does rGlobal Mall work? What happens if I can’t check out? rGlobal Mall is a gateway or referral partner to the brands and stores featured in the rGlobal Mall. We have negotiated commissions for sales which originate from rGlobal Mall, but do not control any of the on-site experience once you are redirected into our brand partner’s store. What if they won’t deliver to my area? Each brand partner has specific regions that they will ship their products too. We try to choose partners that have international reach but not all do. Once you are on the brand partner website you interact with the brands as per THEIR site requirements, and terms and conditions, including shipping and return policies. Who do I contact for support? If you need support for any reason you will need to contact the brand partner directly. When contacting the brands - these are large and in some cases international brands, their support teams will not have any idea who rNetwork is in these initial stages of the current partnerships. What is TCR? TCR stands for “Total Commission Range”. Most of our brand partners that you will find in rGlobal Mall have hundreds or even thousands of products on their sites and not all product purchases offer the same commission, so we have negotiated a commission range with our partner brands that you can rely on. Why do some TCRs show a dollar figure? Some of our brand partners negotiated an initial flat dollar amount for a sale or subscription. This is typically a one-time commission. For example - Our Thrive Market deal offers 1, 6, and 12-month subscriptions on their site. If someone in your network signs up for a subscription then a one-time commission would be paid to rNetwork based on which subscription is purchased. Note: Commission rates and percentages (TCR) are based on most recent information available, and are subject to change. Some items in specific stores may not be commissionable or may pay higher than listed commission rates. Every effort has been made to provide accurate and timely information. In the current pandemic, TCR may be abnormally volatile as stores react in their own unique ways, but within our contract parameters.

rNetwork is financial movement with 23 FDIC Revenue Sharing Banks that is shifting the power & profits from big business to the individual through the power of the network we are able to leverage unbeatable (EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS) $ in many industries such as (Auto, Mobile, Travel, Hotel, Medical prescriptions, Mortgage, Restaurants, local merchants, Skiing and Golf packages, Events, Theme attractions, Perks, & soon much more) drive greater income for all those who wish to participate. rglobal mall review video

Are we looking for 3 friends who want to participate in a hobby with you or are you looking for 3 BUSINESS PARTNERS?  

Learn how to become self employed and share it with 3 others.  

We are OFFERING a business opportunity with a HARD COST (google hard cost) - of $50/month.  

The FIRST thing any entrepreneur should do is find out how he/she can break even and them profit.  

See attached article:  15 Tax Deductions and Benefits for the Self-Employed (I am not a CPA, feel free to consult one for more information).  

Can you cut your expenses or in essence save or create a surplus of $50 or more per month even if you are waiting for more local savings deals to pop up in your area?  

The answer in unequivocally YES YOU CAN!  Your tax breaks alone can do this for you.  (Do your own research and learn how).  

Now that you and your business partners already see that you can make up the $50/month (hard cost for your business), you can move forward without the "fear of loss,"  

My estimated risk; 0%

You start AHEAD and not behind.  This happens BEFORE you even save a dime on rPerks and everything else.  

Now that you have shown yourself and your 3 business partners that there is really no risk in rNetwork, now learn how to compare rNetwork against other online opportunities.  

Online Options:  

Crypto Games:  Do you want yourself or people you care about to be caught up in many of the crypto games where as soon as others do not participate, the down line dwindles and your earnings cease?  
Traditional "Product Driven," MLMs."  Do you want to be caught up in a situation where you are being asked to sell over-priced products and services, and be honest with yourself, THEY ARE OVER-PRICED! - PERIOD!!! 

If i can find the same or very comparable product on Amazon, at Walmart, Costco, or many other retail locations for less, many times for much less, than they are OVER-PRICED.  

On top of this, you have to sell A LOT of product to make any consistent money.  Your customers/distributors will only buy from you for so long.  THEY ARE LITERALLY ONE GOOGLE SEARCH AWAY FROM BUYING THE PRODUCT ELSEWHERE.
This is NOT a sustainable business model.  That is why most of your "Team/customer base," WILL disappear within a few months.  

You are expecting yourself and people you know to compete DIRECTLY against retail giants such as Amazon and more.  How will that work out for you?  

Option 3 (rNetwork):  

"See where the world is headed and get there first?"  

What does that mean?  

The world/business is headed in the following direction:  

a) Market Places i.e., UBER, LYFT, Amazon, Alibaba, and many others.  LEVERAGE for BETTER pricing, BETTER deals, BIGGER discounts, BULK buying options such as Sams Club and COSTCO.  
b) Convenience - Better consumer/"User Experience,"  Where people can buy items in their underwear and by a click of a button, do you really think your Auto Ship of over priced products will compete against that?  NO it will not!  
c) Many discounted items all in one place:
rAuto, rMortgage, rMeds, rTravel, rPerks, rMobile, with MANY Others coming.  

We live in an instant gratification world where saving money is as important as earning money.  

What are we offering business partners when we present rNetwork to them?  

Lets see:  People do not want to lose money.  Understood.  Become self employed, create your LLC and get tax breaks.  (DONE) There goes your loss.  

Earning;  STOP competing against monster retailers and offer people what they WANT.  

Do people like to save money?  Is that a more pleasant experience than purchasing an over priced product that they have to turn around and sell?  YES!  

Regarding rAuto:  "But man, no one will ever buy a car they can not test drive first."  REALLY?  

Welcome to Carvana:  https://digital.hbs.edu/platform-digit/submission/carvanathe-new-way-to-buy-a-car/

Carvana sold over 100,000 cars in 2018 alone with expectations to exceed 2 million cars old annually.  


Carvana is expected to have sold close to 100,000 vehicles in 2018, but CEO Ernie Garcia said he thinks his online used-car retailer can sell more than 2 million a year.

I have a cousin who owns "AutoBarn" in Newnan, GA.  He sells over 100 cars per month, 100% Online.  No show room!  

What is the rNetwork difference?  We are PAID when our members SAVE on their automobile.  

Do they have to be on an auto-ship for us to be paid?  NO.  Do our FREE FANNS earn us money when he/saves, YES?  Hmmm. customer acquisition???  I have FREE customers who save money on all sorts of rServices and I get paid every time that happens.  They pay NOTHING monthly, yet I continue to earn when they purchase within our massive savings platform.  

Is that a good business model?  Will that help you retain your customers?  Yes, and of course it will.

Just like Amazon and Walmart, where they are able to offer lower pricing as "Bulk Buyers," we are able to offer numerous products and services for less by offering retailers and service companies "Bulk Clients."  

We are creating a World Wide market place.  We are creating a situation where we can give our consumers a "Better customer experience."  

We shop for them while demanding discounts leveraging our network of consumers.  Much like the example of health insurance.  Which one costs you more?  

a) An individual plan
b) A group plan  

Of course the group plan is going to be less expensive.  The insurance company is getting very inexpensive customer acquisition.  

The Bank - The Rnetwork rbank  is coming 2020 , ALL ADDITIONAL PERKS to an already amazing business model!  

How do we get we get paid now?  

Paid whenever someone decides to become self employed and purchase the entire suite of savings monthly
Paid every time a member or FANN (Free Customer) saves on rProducts, such as Auto, Med, Mortgage, Mobile, and so on...  
Will be paid whenever Charter Members and FANNS swipe their card once it becomes available
We are PAID by allowing members to enter into our amazing and massive market place - They SAVE, we get paid!  
rNetwork vs Traditional MLM:  

Retention - rNetwork 
Earnings on Free Customers - rNetwork 
Cost of entry - In most cases - rNetwork
Sustainability - rNetwork 

Do I need to continue...?  

Add in the fact that we LOVE technology.  rgloball mall will be lots of fun, won't it?  Who is not going to want one?  

Future Plans:  (Really Soon):  

Bank - Paid on Swipes - B2B (Free advertising for local merchants), and so on...  


It is NOT - just another:  

Savings Platform 
Online Business 

rNetwork is a hybrid.  rNetwork is a growing Market Place,  rNetwork is the future of networking and potentially banking.  

rNetwork is EXACTLY where you and your prospects need to be!